The Pilgrimage


Our species has become fixated on “progress” at a breakneck speed.  We have appreciated great benefits from the efficiencies that technology has provided, but our advances have nonetheless come at a great cost to our ecosystems and to our human spirit.  The Astungkara Trail is an invitation to slow down, to take notice, to connect with nature and local communities that live in simple, sustainable ways.  And to become open to a new way of approaching life and how we live it.  Come walk with us.

We have 4 spaces left for our Feb 18 – 27 walk.

If you are interested to join us or if you have more questions please contact us at

Please also kindly check this link with photos from previous trails.

The Bridge Team

The Bridge Team

Set on the campus of Green School Bali, The Bridge is a Co-learning center of change, inspiration and reflection. The Bridge provides a learning center for individuals to create a path to approach their work and life differently through greater learning opportunities, accelerated synchronicity, and meaningful connections.

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