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#2 Mindfulness Meditation – NICOLA UNITE

#2 Mindfulness meditation – NICOLA UNITE

This week mindfulness is going to require you to go and find something outside, a small object, smaller than your hand.. maybe a leaf, stone, flower, grass.. something natural from the outside

We’re going to practice a 3 minutes guided focus: concentration, body scan, and gratitude. It’s a really lovely way to take our awarness from outside our body all the way inside to that space that just feels like sometimes it floating away and don’t even belong to your body at all
So let’s get ready to the practice…

Join us for weekly practice on mindfulness as Ibu Nicola takes us on a journey to the ground, connect, and be present. Ibu Nicola has been leading Yoga Nidra and mindfulness practice at Green School for years so we welcome here the calming effect she brings. Sit back, relax, and enjoy with the rest of the Green School community.

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