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#17 Storytelling Power For Brands, Business, And Life – Michael Burns

#17 Storytelling Power for Brands, Business, and Life – Michael Burns

Storytelling is arguably the most powerful technology ever created by humans. It’s an integral part of society, art, and business – and in-demand skill. In this wide-ranging discussion, you will learn how to tell more effective stories – in copywriting, business marketing, branding, and in real life.

You will learn storytelling techniques and methods for business, branding, and life.

Michael Burns is a Creative Copywriter, Storyteller, and Content Marketer at Daydream Creative Copywriting Studio. Michael helps businesses tell their story with a purpose to those who need to hear it most, with persuasive, creative copywriting and story branding. He has published short fiction, sold television scripts, and blogs on Michael is from the great country of California and formerly worked as a television producer in Los Angeles.

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