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#15  The Meaning Of  Life (If There Is Any?) – Dan Frolec

#15 The Meaning of Life (If there is any?) – Dan Frolec

In one of the recent Bridge Newsletters, there was a question about The Meaning of Life. I thought it would be fun to put together a workshop, open format discussion about such an intriguing topic.

Who else than Green School parents with so many different upbringings, cultural backgrounds, and life experiences could figure out what many philosophers in the mankind history failed to come up with?! πŸ˜‰

The idea is to get together and contemplate several questions:

1) What did I think was the meaning of life when I was a kid or teenager?

2) What is my meaning of life today?

3) How is my present life reality aligned with what I feel is the meaning of my life?

4) What should we tell our kids (if anything) when they ask about the meaning of life?

Bonus question: What is definitely NOT the meaning of life? I have both led and participated in many strategic business workshops during my career but have never done anything like β€˜meaning of life’. Hence, I am as curious about the outcome as you are. For sure we will have fun and perhaps even some thought-provoking discussions.

Author of and the ExFitt Fitness Program. Former Vice-President and Managing Director in the blue-chip global companies CSM, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Unilever, Bestfoods. Apnea Academy Freediving instructor, Studio Pilates teacher, AustSwim swimming teacher, alpine skiing instructor. A passionate supporter of Sea Shepherd. Involuntary dog and cat owner. Sailor, runner, scuba diver, dirtbike rider (in training).

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