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#13 How Do You Really Feel? – Guy Mullens

#13 How Do You Really Feel? – Guy Mullens

Situations arise and we act. Right? This, indeed, seems to be so. But why, then, do we so often act in ways that feel contradictory, like when we get irritated at our kids when they are asking (too) many questions? And when we act, do we act upon stimulation of the senses, or is there another mechanism at play, a ‘secret’ mechanism deeply rooted in our so-called unconscious mind, fuelling our daily thoughts and activities? In other words, why do we do what we do?

During this thought-experiment, we will try to work our way into the realm of the unconscious mind and see if we can discover the world of feelings and sensations. Are there hidden processes that feed our actions, and is there a relationship between what we do, what we say, what we think and what we feel? Every sage and every religion worth the name says, “know thyself”, but how well do we actually know our own minds? This talk will offer suggestions to help us take a glimpse inwards.

Guy Mullens – Having realized the nonsensical nature of trying to make sense of things, Guy shifted his focus to observing his surroundings rather than reacting to them. Failing royally, from day to day, Guy’s experiences in this field are the foundation for this talk. Not knowing much of anything, Guy now and again trips over joy, tends to his vegetable patch in the Sibang hills, reads, writes, smiles at the general state of affairs and tries to be a responsible dad.

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