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# 1 From Deep Ecology To Blue Economy – GUNTER PAULI

# 1 From Deep Ecology to Blue Economy – GUNTER PAULI

Gunter Pauli is an innovator who is committed to turn dreams to vision and reality. Author of The Blue Economy, he is a champion of sustainable design and is often called  “The Steve Jobs of sustainability”.

A charming, passionate, and persuasive speaker, Gunter has made it his life’s work to design new business models that work in harmony with the environment. He founded the ZERI Foundation – Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives to carry out this work gathering together a global network of creative minds dedicated to developing new projects. They currently have nearly 200 in action – including recycling coffee waste for mushroom farming, making biodegradable detergent from discarded citrus peel, and the conversion of petrol stations into ‘charge stations’ for electric cars.

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